Arduino OBD-II Data Logger Kit #2

This kit can put up a comprehensive data logging device which logs vehicle OBD-II data, GPS data and motion sensor data (accelerometer & gyro), with microSD for mass-storage and BLE / BT 2.1 module for wireless data communication with iOS and android based mobile devices. The kit is programmable with all necessary Arduino libraries provided.

This kit consists:



The connector from the OBD-II adapter is to be plugged into the I2C socket on the Data Logger Shield. The connector from GPS receiver is to be plugged into the Serial2 socket.


OBD-II adapter line definition:

  • Red: VCC (5V)
  • Black: GND
  • Blue: SDA / Rx
  • Yellow: SCL / Tx

GPS line definition:

  • Red: VCC
  • Black: GND
  • Green: Tx (to Serial2 Rx)
  • White: Rx (to Serial2 Tx)



Following libraries are used with hardware.



MEGA Logger is a complete sketch developed for the kit working as a OBD-II and GPS data logger with live data display. The source code is available here. For getting started easier, a complete package containing the sketch and all referenced libraries is available here. You need to compile and download the code to the Arduino board before the kit can work. If you have no idea how to do this, please visit official Arduino website for tutorials.


How to view logged data?

The easiest way is using Freematics Data Charting Service, an online service which renders data log file into interactive chart and map in your web browser.



If you prefer to do everything offline, Data2KML is provided as an open-source utility for converting data log file to KML format which can be loaded by Google Earth.

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