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CodeBlocks Arduino Edition is a customized distribution of the open-source Code::Blocks IDE which I enhanced for Arduino software development. It provides more demanding software developers with a more powerful IDE for writing,  navigating around, building and managing source codes for Arduino development. By adding a dedicated project wizard, it’s very easy create an Arduino project that is ready to be built. The distribution integrates Arduino 1.0 core files, libraries, toolchains, firmware downloader, serial terminal and some other useful utilities.



  1. Arduino project wizard
  2. simplified UI appearance of CodeBlocks IDE
  3. integrated and pre-configured AVR compiler toolchain
  4. integrated Arduino core files and libraries
  5. various Arduino boards supported as build targets
  6. uploading compiled sketch to Arduino board



Release 20120416

  • Initial simulation implementation (very limited)
  • Integrating Mingw GCC for building simulation target

Release 20120326

  • Added support for more boards
  • Board type chosen as project build target
  • Several minor tweaks

Release 20120228

  • Added Arduino Nano and Mini in board selection
  • Fixed Arduino Mega binary not correctly built issue
  • Fixed an include path issue

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