Saving SRAM in Arduino programming

Whenever you are going to write some “larger” programs on Arduino which usually has a ATmega328, ATmega168 or even ATmega8 micro-controller on board, you need to taking what’s written in the title into consideration. Especially with Atmega168 or ATmega8 which only has 512 byte SRAM, this is even more critical. I just suffered from this issue in a recent Arduino software project. The sketch used up too much SRAM and caused the board to reboot periodically. So I take sometime to find out good ways to decrease SRAM utilization. Continue reading

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ArduGate now runs on Linux

Just to announce that ArduGate now runs on Linux. Ubuntu is the distribution on which I build and test the Linux port. As it is a command line version and I build the binary statically, it should run on most Linux distribution. If you still can’t, just build from the source code.

Controlling servos with web browser? Now it’s possible and so simple!

With ArduGate, controlling servos (yes, not servers) attached to an Arduino, from within web browser has never been easier. The JavaScript code for doing the task is almost identical to that used in Arduino but it is JavaScript that can work with rich HTML5 features. You can imagine what this can be used for.
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CodeBlocks Arduino IDE

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CodeBlocks Arduino IDE is a customized distribution of the open-source Code::Blocks IDE enhanced for Arduino development. It provides more demanding software developers with everything a modern IDE should have including code foldering, code completion, code navgiation, compiling as well as uploading for Arduino. With a dedicated project wizard, it’s easy create a ready-to-go Arduino project. The distribution integrates latest Arduino core files, standard Arduino libraries, AVR toolchain, Arduino Builder, a serial terminal and most interesting, an API-level Arduino simulator (under development).
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