CodeBlocks Arduino IDE gets updated

CodeBlocks Arduino IDE is a complete out-of-box programming environment for Arduino which will be loved by software engineers demanding a more powerful IDE and those who need to heavily modify or develop Arduino libraries. I have been maintaining the project basically to provide myself a productive and flexible Arduino development environment. Now I mainly release for Windows, while someone else has forked my code on github and maintain the linux port.

The new revision has following major changes:

  • Based on latest CodeBlocks 12.11
  • Added build targets of Arduino Leonardo, Esplora and Micro
  • Integrated Arduino Uploader for uploading (supporting Leonardo)
  • Fixed Arduino MEGA 2560 uploading issue
  • Added “Upload to Arduino” menu item in Tools menu and allowing choosing among available serial ports for uploading



One Response to CodeBlocks Arduino IDE gets updated

  1. I am new to codeblocks and arduino, but I have used other IDEs for embedded control processors. I tried to compile a program that works (using Arduino IDE) on an ATmega328p on a Gertboard (i/o board for raspberry pi).

    I used Nano (386p) as the target and release. I tried for days to get the IDE configured to successfully do a build. Has anyone succeeded with a Nano target? The HTML of the compiler log showed both -mmcu=atmega238p

    and -mmcu=atmega324. That seems like a problem but I do not know how to prevent that. I had my own ‘time.h & cpp’ files and put my project directory as the first directory search, yetthe IDE would choose a ‘time.h’

    from a directory deeply nested in the toolchain directories.

    I then wrote a very simple program that called one class from TCtest.h & .cpp files. The compiler had a fatal error ‘no such file or directory’. I right clicked on the #include and asked to open the include file. It

    replied with my include file. So, some of the IDE knows where my include file is but the compiler does not.

    Excuse me if this is operator error, but I can not proceed until I understand how to use the IDE. I want my files in the project to be found and my libraries like time.h to superceed all other headers on the IDE paths.

    Can anyone point me to a source to learn from, or give advise? Also very interested in any tutorials or manuals. Is anyone suceeding with Nano target or any target with the ATmeag328p?

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Doug