Web-based Arduino Sketch Compiler

I’ve built up an online service for building an Arduino sketch into a ready-to-burn HEX file. The browser submit the sketch to server with a HTTP POST request. The sketch is then compiled and linked against Arduino core (1.0.1) and library files with AVR GCC on the server side. The built HEX file is sent back to the browser as a downloadable file.

At the moment, only standard Arduino libraries are supported. More libraries will be adpoted in future. My ultimate goal may be making a complete web-based development environment featuring code editing, compiling, personal sketch book, library management etc.

Try it online now

Here is a HTML code clip showing the way to get an Arduino sketch compiled with a FORM submission. Other web techniques like AJAX can also be used to perform the task in a more flexible way.

<form action="http://www.arduinodev.com/sketchbuilder/build" method="post">
  Board Type
    <select id="board" name="board">
      <option value="1">Arduino Uno</option>
      <option value="2">Arduino Duemilanove (328)</option>
      <option value="3">Arduino Duemilanove (168)</option>
      <option value="4">Arduino Nano (328)</option>
      <option value="5">Arduino Nano (168)</option>
      <option value="6">Arduino Mini (328)</option>
      <option value="7">Arduino Mini (168)</option>
      <option value="8">Arduino Pro Mini (328)</option>
      <option value="9">Arduino Pro Mini (168)</option>
      <option value="10">Arduino Mega 2560/ADK</option>
      <option value="11">Arduino Mega</option>
  <textarea name="sketch">
      /* Here goes the sketch content */

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