Nokia 5510 LCD module working with Arduino Leonardo

Adafruit’s PCD8544 library makes it easier and providing more features for playing Nokia 5110 LCD module with Arduino. I re-packaged the library files and it can be downloaded here.
LCD Unit

LCD module connection with Arduino (LCD pin – Arduino pin):

  • RST – Pin 3
  • CE – Pin 4
  • D/C – Pin 5
  • DIN – Pin 6
  • CLK – Pin 7
  • VCC – 3.3v
  • LIGHT – Pin 13
  • GND – GND

You can easily get the example code run with Arduino IDE (don’t forget to place library files in IDE’s libraries folder). This time I managed to compile and upload the test sketch to Arduino Leonardo with my just-updated Arduino Uploader (with PCD8544 libraries packaged in).

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