Library update for serial RGB matrix

The serial RGB matrix is an easy-to-use display module I developed with 8×8 RGB LED pixels and I2C interface. An Arduino library was developed for simplify its usage. The library was recently updated and improved. By including a single header file, you can use control the display module with very simple code.


Library API

The library source code is hosted on There are 2 classes defined in the library, CFrameBuffer and CRGBMatrixI2C.

CFrameBuffer is used to manipulate a 8×8 24-bit frame buffer inside Arduino’s SRAM. If you want to generate a bitmap and display it at once on the display module, you can use CFrameBuffer to change and store pixel. It has following methods:

  • SetPixel(x, y, r, g, b) – change color of pixel(x,y) to color (r,g,b)
  • ClearPixel(x, y) – clear pixel(x,y)
  • Clear() – clear all pixels

CRGBMatrixI2C is used to control and render the content on the display module. It has following methods:

  • Init(addr) – initialize the module at the given I2C address
  • SetFrame(frame) – display frame stored in a CFrameBuffer object
  • SetPixel(x, y, r, g, b) – change color of pixel(x,y) to color (r,g,b) of the display module
  • ShowChar5x7(c, off_x, off_y, r, g, b) – display a 5×7 character in color (r,g,b) with offsets
  • ShowDigit3x5(n, off_x, off_y, r, g, b) – display a 3×5 digit in color (r,g,b) with offsets
  • ShowDigit3x7(n, off_x, off_y, r, g, b) – display a 3×7 digit in color (r,g,b) with offsets
  • Draw()– inform the display module to redraw with the changed content
  • Clear() – clear all pixels on display module (no need to call Draw)

Example Code

For example using the library, please refer to this page.

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  • 8×8 RGB LED matrix module with I2C and serial interface
  • Arduino library and sample code
  • Size: 60x60x15mm
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