Arduino Uploader 0.5.1 released

Arduino Uploader is an open-source command line utility for compiling and uploading Arduino sketch to Arduino board. The latest version has following changes:

  • totally re-written to fix the issues with compiling sketch referencing libraries with utility sub-folder
  • compiling and uploading for Arduino Leonardo was fully implemented
  • updated Arduino cores and library files to 1.0.3

Link: Arduino Uploader Page

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Arduino OBD-II library updated

I just updated the OBD-II library for Arduino. The update improves initialization routine and added compatibility with adapters of new revision.

The latest source code has been committed to subversion repository.


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Serial 8×8 RGB LED Matrix Module for Arduino

The RGB LED matrix module is driven with serial data interface. It can be attached to any devices including Arduino via I2C and works as a I2C slave device, or via serial UART (can be attached to PC via a USB-TTL adapter). The module has 5×8 character font built in as well as 3×5 and 3×7 digit font, so that numbers and letters can be displayed in color easily. The module is powered by 5V input and has a 6-pin connector providing SDA, SCL, GND, VCC, RxD, TxD breakout.

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